Sunday, September 25, 2005

Wedding, Bachelorette Party, Birthday

Hi everyone! I just added two new links on the right side of this page. The top link is from Tim and Misty’s wedding on September 24. I work with Tim at Texas Instruments. They got married in Pottsboro, TX, which is on the Oklahoma-Texas border. They were supposed to have an outdoor wedding on the bank of Lake Texoma, but due to Hurricane Rita, they had to change and have an indoor wedding at the last minute. The wedding was beautiful and the reception was a lot of fun.

Hurricane Rita did not impact us much in Dallas. We were hoping for some rain, but we missed out on that. We did get a lot of strong wind though. I need to rake my backyard and I don’t even have any trees or plants in the backyard. The leaves must be from the neighbors’ trees.

The other new link on the right side of this page is from Carrie McGowan’s Bachelorette Party in Chicago. Carrie’s sister, Erin, was my college roommate at The University of Iowa for all four years. Erin and I lived in the dorms our freshman and sophomore years. Carrie was still in high school but she visited us frequently. Erin, Leslie, and I lived together our junior year. Erin, Leslie, Carrie, Renee, and I all lived together my senior year. We had some great times together!!

Carrie’s Bachelorette Party was a lot of fun!! Carrie, Erin, Kelly, Lindsay, Tonya, and Jen all drove to Chicago from Iowa. Allison, Renee, and Laura all live in Chicago. Friday night we went to The Melting Pot, a fondue restaurant. It was soooo good! We hung out at O’Callaghan’s afterwards. Saturday we went to get manicures and pedicures in the morning. Then we had lunch and shopped on Michigan Avenue. We dropped Carrie off to get a massage while we decorated the hotel room. Tonya made sour apple martini’s and we played the “brown bag game” and a trivia game. After everyone guessed what was in the brown bags, Carrie got to open them up and keep all of the “toys.” :) I think Matt will appreciate those. Carrie also got to open her gifts. Four out of eight of us all bought Carrie the exact SAME tank top/bottoms from Target!! Jen and Tonya found out in advance that they bought the same thing so one of them returned theirs so Carrie only ended up with three of them. How funny! Saturday night we ate at Joey Buona’s and then headed to the dueling piano bar, Howl At The Moon. We had a great time there as you can see from the pictures. The guy in the pink shirt really entertained us and the guy in the white/yellow stripe shirt helped Carrie complete one of her dares from the trivia game. :) When the bar closed at 3 a.m., five of us continued on and hung out at another bar until 5 a.m. What a fun weekend!

This next weekend Theresa (my friend from high school) and I are going to Las Vegas. It should be a lot of fun! We are spending one afternoon at the Mandaly Bay spa and going to Cirque du Soleil one night.

Last Friday was Stephen's 30th birthday. I left work after lunch and bought him the iPod Nano and some junkfood (cake, ice cream, etc.). Stephen was not too excited by the iPod at first until he opened it. He had not heard about the Nano. The iPod Nano is almost the size of a credit card and holds up to 1000 songs.

This week will probably be Stephen’s last week working in Boston. He will be in Seattle this Wednesday through the following Friday for some Microsoft conferences. After that he will start a new project. Right now it looks like he will be working on the west coast next in either San Diego or Oakland, California. That will be a nice change for him since he has been working on the east coast for the past couple years.

I guess I should sign off now and head to bed. Have a great week!



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