Sunday, July 10, 2005


Welcome to our new website and blog! Check back frequently to see new Links to pictures from our recent travels.

Stephen and I will have been married for six years on September 11. We live in a suburb of Dallas, TX. I work at Texas Instruments as a product engineer and Stephen works for our corporation, Kendall Technologies, Inc, as a Microsoft BizTalk consultant. Stephen is currently working in Boston during the week. As you can see from our "Links", we like to travel frequently. We are lucky because many of the vacations we take are free since Stephen has many frequent flyer miles and hotel points.

We have two wonderful (but hyperactive) dogs - Kendall and Jordan. Kendall is almost 7 and Jordan is 3. Both are mutts. Kendall was a stray puppy that we found when she was around 4 months old. We do not know what sort of a mix she is. She reminds me of a Boxer/Dachsund mix. We paid $10 for Jordan at a flea market. She was a breeder's "oops." She is half Shih Tzu and half Red Heeler. Kendall recently hit a wire on the side of a fence so she currently has stitches and has to wear a cone on her head since she tore her stitches out twice.

Please enjoy our site and check back frequently for new pictures!

--- Angel, Stephen, Kendall, and Jordan


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